Once you’ve found your perfect shed, it’s time to think about the foundation. Choosing the right shed site preparation can set you up for long-term success, allowing you to enjoy your shed with less stress and minimal upkeep.

Benefits of Gravel Site Prep

  1. Excellent drainage – A gravel foundation will help protect your shed from excess moisture.
  2. Prevents shifting – Your shed will remain in place without shifting, unlike with traditional foundation blocks.
  3. Long lasting – You won’t have to reposition your shed every few years to keep it level and keep the doors from opening properly.
  4. Looks good – Our sheds are an extension of our homes, meaning we want it to blend in with our landscape in a pleasing way. A gravel shed site looks uniform and is easy to care for.

At NuHaus Outdoors, our service doesn’t stop once you leave the lot. We take care of you from start to finish by offering site prep, delivery, and installation. By choosing gravel for your shed site, you can be sure that your shed will stand the test of time without having to be repositioned every few years.

Call your local NuHaus Outdoors dealer to schedule your site prep and shed delivery today!

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