A better experience

From the beginning, Jay Yoder had a vision of giving his customers the best experience possible when it came to purchasing sheds. He noticed that too many mass-marketed building sellers were impersonal and only focused on the sale. Jay wanted to create an experience where he could interact with customers and give them a truly personal interaction.

Quality materials

It was also Jay’s goal to build structures the right way. This meant no cutting corners, and using the best quality materials available. This dedication to the best materials continues today in NuHaus sheds’ proprietary material, LuxGuard, as well as Techshield radient barrier, and the sturdiest wood floors in the industry. All of these improvements mean a superior quality end product.

NuHaus is able to ensure the highest quality in our sheds, because we build each shed ourselves. And because of this, we’re able to give you short lead times and easy customization on any of our structures. 

Quality materials

nuHaus belief

We feel that written warranties are used to protect the company, rather than the customer. Our core belief is simple: everyone deserves to be treated fairly. It’s this belief that has been responsible for our growth to four manufacturing sites and 25 employees. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our standard of customer care — where everyone deserves the best.
nuHaus belief​