The Raleigh

The perfect space to play, create, and that your children can call their own. The Raleigh offers unique features such as a porch swing, an indoor loft, and a sunny design that you and your family can enjoy.

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Highlights of The Raleigh

As Shown Colors​

Daffodil Paint

Cladding: LP SmartSide Daffodil

Trim: White

Bright White Metal Roof

Roof: White Metal

As Shown Features​

Superior Build Quality

Superior Build Quality

Size Options

Small Sheds

(100 - 200 sq. ft.) Great for small yards, bikes, push mower, garden tools

Medium Sheds

(200 - 300 sq. ft.) Ideal for riding mowers, wheelbarrows, bulky equipment, motorcycles, ATV, or office space.

Large Sheds

(300 - 400 sq. ft.) Best for vehicles, lots of storage, oversized equipment, large woodshop, or office space.

How to order

Not your average shed lot

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Design your shed

Pick a size, choose your colors, and decide on any optional features. Our team members help you through every design decision.

We build and deliver

Choose the delivery date when you order. We offer stress-free delivery and set-up. We deliver your shed exactly where you want it, level it, and won’t leave until you are happy with its placement.